About Me

I’ve been working with people throughout my adult life, always primarily focused on improving some aspect of their lives. I hold a  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and also one in Biology. I’ve taught school, and I’ve owned and operated a successful drywall  and painting business.  In 2012 my company Drywall by Design received the Small Business Leadership in Action award through the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

I believe in rediscovering who you are and working toward that which brings you and those around you joy. I have always had a passion for creativity and design, in my own home renovations and in the many projects I have worked on throughout my construction career. I’ve learned how to  incorporate elements of interior design to create spaces that work well and look great.

Terri Ouellette of Serenity Space Solutions

So many factors contribute to a truly comfortable, beautiful space! Ultimately, it’s all about what’s important to each individual person. Toward that goal, I use the principles of Feng Shui, a philosophy that’s been practiced for thousands of years in the Chinese culture. It’s a way of understanding how everything is connected: us, the physical world, and the universe beyond that. Today, we can understand the actual physics behind the notion of energy, and we accept that there are forces present in all of creation that operate at a sub-clinical level. By utilizing some of the principles of Feng Shui, I can facilitate a more balanced flow of energy in your home. This positive “chi”  is one of the many benefits of working with a professional organizational coach.    I truly enjoy working with people, especially when I can make a positive difference in their life.